[sword-devel] HowTo: answer an email correctly

Uwe Koloska sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 8 Nov 2000 15:31:23 +0100

Hello all,

it would be nice if some of you would think about how an email has to be
answered to be pleasant for the reader.  Most of you are doing what is
standard for emails but some (mostly the OE ones ;-)) don't.

So here are some rules to obey (I think there are some netiquettes out
there, but haven't any URL yet):

- don't include the whole mail you answer at the bottom!

- leave only the lines that you are referring to and set your answer direct
  under the question or your remark direct under the line that it belongs to

- change subject if it changes "Re: new subject (was: ...)"

- don't use HTML mails (only if you know the recipient wants it)

- make true linebreaks

If all of us use this rules, it would be much easier to follow a discussion
and decide wether it is something I have to read or not.  This will save a
great amount of time and makes it more pleasant to be in this group!

Thank you!
Uwe Koloska

--                                    --
right now the web page is in german only
but this will change as time goes by ;-)