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Fri, 3 Nov 2000 09:48:07 -0800

Here's how it appears, for those who haven't looked through the screenshots
& modules list on the webpage:
A fellow named Rick Myers downloaded SWORD.  Renamed it e-Sword.  Recompile
Bible_CS (with some enhancements it looks like).  Made a (very nice) webpage
for it.  Slapped a copyright notice on it, and started giving it away as his
own.  He does have a "registration" page, but it so far looks like he isn't
charging for them.  He is requiring that you send him your name, serial #, &
email address to get an unlock key, or else the program will expire after a
30 day trial.

I do wonder at why he has so few modules compared to our list, when he so
obviously ripped them directly from us.  I also wonder why he named the
program e-Sword, so close to our name, despite making every effort to remove
notice of us from the software and claim it as his own entirely.

Can anyone else confirm that the executable IS based on Troy's Bible_CS and
not just a similar looking product?  The modules most certainly ARE derived
from ours, though he has them compressed into single files.  He has got
apocrypha support built in as well as some support for general books (it
looks like).  So he has done some work, but how much he has ripped off from
us I can't determine.  If he DID indeed base e-Sword on Bible_CS & Sword
code (not just on their appearance and using our modules) at least we can
force him to cough up the source code.


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Hello brothers,

I have recentely seen a program similar to Sword that has more features. Its
called e-Sword. Its free. The reason I'm telling this, is because it has a
lot of features that are very interesting.

Maybe worth a visit?


Nuno Barreto