[sword-devel] Foreign Font Management

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 26 May 2000 19:41:06 -0700

Thanks Matthias,
	Good suggestion.
	Things are a little more complicated than this, however. 
Unfortunately, fonts are encoded differently.  We use a 'wingreek'
encoded font for our N27U4 greek text.  This is not a standard greek
font encoding.  Currently, only the UIs use this entry, and it has
traditionally been used to represent a TTF (windows-mostly) font name. 
These same fonts and their encodings can be installed on linux and will
then allow display of the module.
	Maybe we should try something like encoding=, but I don't know of a
good way to designate font encoding name in a standard way.  Maybe we
could have our own 'registry' of encodings that modules need and the UI
could keep a map {encoding, font} that it knows how to deal with. 
dunno.  Thanks for the thoughts.  More feedback would be great!


Matthias Ansorg wrote:
> proposal:
> replacing the "font=" entry of the modules' .conf - files with a
> "lang=" entry that indicates the language of the module using the
> standard ISO abbreviations, such as "lang=en" (English), "lang=de"
> (German), "lang=el" (Greek).
> advantages:
> -- font names are not portable (Windows has other font names than
> Linux), neither does a font name such as "symbol" include information
> about style, point size etc. And, unfortunately, the standard X
> fontname descriptions aren't available under Windows.
> -- more flexibility on the frontend's side: it does not require a
> certain font to display a module, but could choose fonts
> automatically, depending on the language, when first displaying a
> module. The user would no have to do any configuration himself.
> However, I assume that it is possible to get the language of a *font*.
> -- language is a more general to use information than a font's name
> In Christ Jesus,
> <>< Matthias