[sword-devel] Sword questions

Jeffrey Hoyt sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 24 May 2000 07:59:58 -0700

(Please forgive me if I've already posted these questions, my e-mail was
giving me some problems so I couldn't tell what was posted and what was

Here are four ideas that I believe could improve SWORD (though not being
a programmer these may be wildly unrealistic... ;-):

1.  Sword should be able to read from zipped modules.  This is what
(more or less) the new KWord and XMMS do.  The .conf file would stay in
the *.zip file and be read from there.

2.  Modules should be placed in .../sword/modules, and not have to worry
about /texts, /commentaries, /raw, /gbf, and other such like that could
be very confusing to somebody new (even to me!).  Module type, etc.
would be read from the .conf file.

3.  There should only be ONE format for SWORD modules.  Whether it's
RTF, THML, or whatever, that would make it much easier to work with. 
Also, this format should allow hyperlinking between modules.

4.  Commentaries should follow the same display format as texts, with
one chapter's worth per page, rather than one verse per page.  This
would make it much easier to use.

Thanks for reading, tell me what you think.

Jeff Hoyt
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