[sword-devel] changing a cipher key

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Fri, 19 May 2000 15:59:50 GMT

Hi all,

Please excuse my jumping in...

First, I agree Sword is good, and I suspect Troy and company will continue
to make it better!

I may either clear or muddy the situation, but let me try to restate what I
think the issue is.  My understandings may be off, but part of my reason
for restating (along with trying to help) is to ensure that I understand
what the Sword library does in certain situations.


Currently, once the cipher key is entered, the application must be stopped
and restarted before the key takes effect.  Is there a way to activate this
change without further action required by the user?  For example, a "reload
config" option.  If there is not, this could be a nice functionality to
add, for this and other module related changes.

Also, Joachim, if this function is not available, is it feasible to delete
the Sword object and create a new one?  This could potentially be used to
accomplish your goal (although not efficiently) if I am understanding your
goal correctly.  After recreating the Sword object, you could then do a new
query for each open window, and any encrypted texts should be handled.

Of course this is making more assumptions, and is not based on code review
or testing of functionality, just a guess.

Joachim Ansorg writes:

> Yes, I know this. But after the user enetred a new key the new key should be used at runtime.
> I want to change the current cipher key of a module.
> Possible?
> --Joachim
> >Not sure I understand.  If there is a CipherKey= entry in the .conf file
> >for a module, SWMgr will use this cipher key.
> >
> >	Does that make sense?
> >
> >			-Troy.
> >
> >Joachim Ansorg wrote:
> >> 
> >> Hi Troy!
> >> 
> >> I implemented saving of the key successfully.
> >> 
> >> The new question I have: How do I tell the module to use the new CipherKey ?
> >> I can't find a API function.
> >> 
> >> Thanks!
> >> SWORD is very good!

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