[sword-devel] Saving entries in config files

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 14 May 2000 20:03:33 -0700

	:)  Yes, SWMgr merges all mods.d/*.conf files into its SWConfig.  You
should not .Save this config.  The apps/windoze/CBuilder4/InstallMgr has
a dialog for inputting and saving cipherkey values.  You might find this
helpful.  SWMgr::configPath and SWMgr::prefixPath might be useful. 
Here's some code from apps/X11/InstallMgr/src/MainFrm.cpp and

     SectionMap::iterator section;
     ConfigEntMap::iterator entry;
     DIR *dir;
     struct dirent *ent;

                    if (dir = opendir(manager->configPath)) {    // find
and update .conf file
                         while ((ent = readdir(dir))) {
                              if ((strcmp(ent->d_name, ".")) &&
(strcmp(ent->d_name, ".."))) {
                                   modFile = manager->configPath;
                                   modFile += "/";
                                   modFile += ent->d_name;
                                   SWConfig *config = new
                                   section =
                                   if (section !=
config->Sections.end()) {
                                        entry =
                                        if (entry !=
section->second.end()) {
                                             entry->second =
                                   delete config;

slightly modified for your purposes.  Hope this helps.


Joachim Ansorg wrote:
> Hi Troy,
> I found out how to save entries in SWORD's config files myself. I implemented it but it doesn't work correctly.
> I think you know that SWMgr proides a SWCofnig called config.
> I'm using this config to save entries using SWConfig::Save() and "SWConfig::Sections["Section"]  = <a ConfEntMap>"
> This works, but all the entryies are saved in one config file!
> Is it possible that this worked correctly with mods.conf config-management, but IMHO we shoould have a SWConfig for each config file!
> Is this right?
> -- Joachim
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