[sword-devel] NIV/NIB errors....?

Pergamum sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 22:22:26 -0500

> > noticed that in the NIV and NIB modules there are some text formatting
> > errors. Thus far I have noticed that in Exodus 30, Numbers 31, Ezra 2
and 8,
> > and Nehemiah 7 there are areas about mid chapter where the text becomes
> > (like a 36 point font size) and in some instances there is even letters
> > numbers missing. Also, the entire book of Esther is blank.
> Are you sure that this is not a problem with just your copy of NIV? Have
> you tried reloading the data for it?

Actually yes,  completely deleted the entirety of NIV off my hard drive and
readded it from the cross-wire server.  Same result. I thought that it might
just be NIV so I tried NIB, the text problems are the exact same. They don't
exist on any of the other translation modules though.