[sword-devel] STEP Reader

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 06:39:00 -0700

	Right on!  I'm so excited!  You'll want to look at:

and	/sword/src/modules/common/rawverse.cpp

rawtext is really what you need to model, rawverse a utility class used
by other 'raw' drivers to collaborate on some functionality.  Just
extend SWText and create a STEPText or whatever you want to call it--
just like RawText does.  You don't need to make a rawverse abstraction
if you don't want, just put all the functionality right in your new

When you're ready to try it out in the engine, you'll need to edit:


to tell it about your new driver (just search for RawText and duplicate
for your class).

If everything compiles, you should be able to register a STEP module by
adding an appropriate .conf file in your mods.d directory, and pull up
any frontend (windoze GUI, BibleTime, cheatah, GnomeSword, etc.) (if
they're dynamically linked, otherwise you will need to relink the
frontend with your newly compiled libsword.[a|so]) and see your module!
:)  Did I say that I'm excited?!



"Trandahl, Steve" wrote:
> Praise the Lord!  I am successfully decompressing blocks of STEP text
> (thanks to Paul and Troy)!  I still have a lot of work ahead to determine
> what blocks to decompress (and when).  However, I thought I should start
> looking ahead so I know what the STEP class needs to do.
> I am assuming that there is already a Bible reader class for the format that
> SWORD is currently using.  I also assume that the STEP class needs to be
> interchangeable with it so that SWORD doesn't have to "know" which format a
> particular book is in.  Ideally, I would like to be able to run tests in
> parallel with the existing class and the new STEP class to verify that they
> operate the same as far as the user is concerned.
> I would really appreciate it if someone show me what classes (if any) the
> STEP class should be descended from and also point me to some documentation
> on the current file format(s) and configuration files required.
> Thanks!
> Steve Trandahl
> Cotelligent Philadelphia
>  <mailto:Steve.Trandahl@Cotelligent.com> Steve.Trandahl@Cotelligent.com