[sword-devel] CDROM & linking statically

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 05:37:20 -0700

Thanks for the advice!  Finally got installmgr to link statically.  It
was huge until I stripped the file (strip installmgr), and now it's
smaller than the dynamically linked previous version (I think I still
had debug turned on last time).  Let me know if it works.  Tried it on
Corel Linux and it seems to work (and that's a far fetched attempt at a
current linux build).


Yes, it's still /tmp.  Too bad! :)  AZ Software Replicators needs the
master in about 10 hours ;)

I think I'm done!!!!

Gonna grab the modules again just at the last minute to make sure I grab
any module updates, but consider this CD burn frozen if you see a
sword20000623.iso (~5pm AZ time).

	Wooohooo!  God be praised!  I covet your prayers as I travel these next
3 weeks.

	Never forget how much He gave up for you.


> 2. statically linking
>    there are two possible ways for linking some specific libraries static
>    while all the others remain dynamically:
>    - present the full path of libLIB.a to the linker (this solution is
>      dependent to your personal system and should not be used in public
>      makefiles)
>    - command the linker explicit to link some libraries static:
>          g++ [...] -Wl,-Bstatic -lqt -Wl,-Bdynamic [...]
>      `-Wl,OPTION'
>      Pass OPTION as an option to the linker.  If OPTION contains
>      commas, it is split into multiple options at the commas.
>                                                      [from gcc.info]
>      This one should be used for public Makefiles.