[sword-devel] CD burn

Brook humphrey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 14 Jun 2000 17:37:13 -0700

Sorry I didn't get on this sooner I lost my linux box and all its'
partitions and just got done rebuilding the box I have some things back
on it already but I lost most everything including the email with my
password to log onto the server. Also I lost all my sword and bibletime
work accept for the sword help file which is on my windows box. 

One other thing I tried to compile the sword cvs code and it won't
compile on my system. And if I remember right the reason that the older
version of sword is there is because it was the last version that would
compile on my system. Joachim the bibletime 24 rpm was the one you
compiled I just made it into an rpm so it already contains sword 1.4.7.

Troy if you could send me my password please it would be appreciated.

Joachim Ansorg wrote:
> I noticed that /PACKAGES/WIN32/sword-win32-1.4.6.zip is outdated. Shouldn't it
> be 1.47 ??
> I uploaded the 0.3 sources.
> Thanks!
> --Joachim
> Am Mit, 14 Jun 2000 schrieben Sie:
> > Well,
> >       The CD seems to install ok for me on windows and redhat 6.2.  If anyone
> > wants to test on their platform and fix any bugs, have them in by weeks
> > end.  Monday morning I'm taking what we have and burning 1000 CDs.
> >
> >       Bibletime:  still get no hints database found.  Images seem to not be
> > placed correctly.  Did we have a permission problem at some point?
> >
> >       setup: I'll update to Loki's newest version.  They included our
> > patches.  Maybe they fixed some things that will make our installs
> > smoother on linux.
> >
> >       installmgr:  Anyone think we need a static compile of the installer?
> > Anyone want to create one?
> >
> >
> >       Let me know what everyone thinks.
> >
> >               -Troy.