[sword-devel] Working on a STEP Reader for SWORD

Paul Gear sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 21:17:17 +1000

"Trandahl, Steve" wrote:
> Troy,
>         I finally got the source code you mentioned to compile.  I have an
> old copy of QuickVerse (version 4.0) with a KJV bible.  However, whenever I
> run the test program against it, all I get is a different file of unreadable
> garbage.
>         I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or if the program wasn't
> as far along as I thought.  Did the test program ever successfully
> decompress a STEP file?  If so, are there copies of the original and
> decompressed versions of the file?
>         I'd like to avoid a potentially lengthy process of going over all
> the code if I can.

QuickVerse 4.x and earlier were not STEP-based.  Try QV 5.0 or later. 
See <http://craigr.com/backup/faq.htm> for the gory details.  If you
poke around or search Craig's site, you'll find quite a bit of
information on QuickVerse and STEP.

Parsons have a free STEP NKJV on their FTP server:
<ftp://download.parsonstech.com/demos/qnkjo.exe>.  Gotta use Windows to
install it, though.  :-(

Craig has also offered to me in the past to explain the 4.x and earlier
data format if anyone is interested in writing a driver for it.  I would
certainly be interested in this, as it would let me use the NIV with
BibleTime!  I understand that the format is a very simple binary
encoding where every word was given a 16-bit code.

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