[sword-devel] GCC 2.92.2 and Sword?

Leon Brooks sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 07:10:58 +0800

Philip Kapusta wrote:
>> I'm trying to use VB with the Swoed source code with no luck yet :(.  I am willing
>> to switch to Delphi if it will help.  I did try with Delphi 5, but couldn't get the
>> Delphi source to compile.

> I am using Delphi 3.01, with Sword 1.5, and the documentation says to use a .DLL when
> compiling the source code.   Unfortunately the necessary .DLL is missing from the
> source, and no source code to compile the .DLL from scratch exists either.

I'm compiling SWORD with GCC 2.9.5, a late version of the GNU C compiler
(using Mandrake Linux 7.1beta3, kernel 2.2.15. It all compiles and links
just fine, but sadly the loader (ld.so 1.9.5) bombs out with an
"assertion failure" on most of the apps. Cheatah compiles and runs
nicely, which is great. The loader does this when compiling other
(non-SWORD) apps as well, so I'm strongly suspecting a buggy version of
the linker or loader rather than any flaw in SWORD. I'd like to put some
of the text tools into (a) web page(s) for single-click referencing from
discursive web pages.

You might have some joy compiling the Unix source under Windows using
the Cygnus (CygWin) tools.

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