[sword-devel] CD ISO

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 10 Jun 2000 13:44:07 +1200


I've had a quick test of this from the windows side of things, and put
together my comments (below). I'll try linux (Debian 2.2) too. I haven't
used any on this software from unix before, so it should be a good test.

I'll also burn a few CDs for some friends, and pass on any comments they
make they may be worthwhile.


Win98SE, Celeron, i810 chipset, installation via samba shared mounted iso
image file sword20000604.iso

1. Version string overwrites the bottom of the j
2. Button positioning is unusual. How about a line of buttons along the
3. Should maybe close automatically when install or Run From CDROM selected.
4. Should have a button to open the README.txt

Install Manager:
1. Resizing the window results in a messed up title graphic.
2. Mulit-select would be nice. (Or a message saying double click to select.)
3. Not having a key, and cancelling an install should continue installing
the other selected modules.
4. Not having a key, and cancelling an install should remove that module.
5. Clicking Select when "Lexicons / Dictionaries" in highlighted should
select all lexicons and dictionaries.
6. Other/[The Danish Bible Society] appears in the list, but nothing
installs. (Due to [The Danish Bible Society] in dan.conf?)
7. The order of "Other" changes.
8. Vines is in the list, but only installs a vines.conf, no text. (remove
from mods.d on CD?)

Sword & Modules:
1. DRA has no James 1:19 (James 1:19 appears as James 1:10, it does show a
v18 and a v20)
2. Malachi 4 shows Revelation of John 4 in Commentaries (bug somewhere in
testing end of testament?)

Sword Help
1. Should be Menus/File, not Menus/Save Layout
2. Lots of Contents entries could be 'pages' instead of 'books' with pages
in them.
 eg Personal and Other, Choose Color, Freehand Verse Key, Bookmark Files

CD Contents
1. BETA/ contains no fiels
2. Disk Images/ contains no explanation of what it is for.
3. HOWTO/ is empty
4. PACKAGES/WIN32 has sword-win32-1.4.6.zip, shouldn't it have 1.4.7?
5. rr_moved/ - remove this?
6. SOURCE/ contains sword-1.4.6.tar.gz (Is this even needed, given the
existence of sword-1.4.7/)
7. tmp/ - is it, or its contents used?
8. Windows/ are the files that are both in this directory, and elsewhere on
the CD links to the same place (to save space)?

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> I've created a new full ISO.  It's on the FTP site:
> ftp://ftp.crosswire.org/pub/sword/iso/sword20000604.iso
> I believe that the windows side of things and all modules are the newest
> and ready to go.  I haven't tested the linux side of things lately.
> Please test on various distros and let me know what works and what
> doesn't.  You shouldn't actually have to burn a CD if you don't have a
> burner.  You can still provide much useful feedback.  You may mount the
> iso with a command similar to:
> mkdir /mnt/swordiso
> mount -t iso9660 -o loop sword20000604.iso /mnt/swordiso
> Things to look for on the linux side:
> Does the cd autorun when you place it in your drive?
> Does ./setup.sh work?
> In graphics or text mode?
> Does installmgr run automatically during the install?
> Does it work?
> Do icons for your choice of UI get installed?
> Do they correctly run the program?
> Does the program work?
> Any permission issues?
> Thanks to everyone for your very hard work and time commitment.  We'll
> get this out the door yet.
> -Troy.