[sword-devel] Working on a STEP Reader for SWORD

Trevor Jenkins sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 03 Jun 2000 12:57:38 +0100

On Friday, 2 June, 2000 23:15:20, Paul Gear <paulgear@bigfoot.com> wrote:

> Trevor Jenkins wrote:
>> On Friday, 2 June, 2000 22:20:46, Paul Gear <paulgear@bigfoot.com> wrote:
>> > http://www.crosswire.org/bsisg/.  Start at the 'Info for Software
>> > Developers' section.
>> ... I could not open them. I tried Word 6 (Wiindows 3.1),
>> Word 6 (Mac System 7) and Word 95 (WIndows 95). Nothing would open these
>> .doc files. :-( In case things have changed I'm grabbing fresh copies;
> I just opened the specification (STEP 1.1.doc) OK in AbiWord 0.7.8 for
> Linux.  Its M$ Word handling is not that great, so the file must be
> pretty OK.

I grabbed the files using my venerable Windows 3.1 machine. But the STEP
1.1.doc file still doesn't open. :-( The error is "out of memory". Also
grabbed the .ZIPped version via my Mac and Word 6 sort of opened it (treaded
it as text). Will try this compressed version on my 386 and see what

Regards, Trevor

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