[sword-devel] New Work -- looking for volunteers

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 30 Jul 2000 14:00:54 -0700

Got some new functionality that I'd like to add to the framework and 
would like to see who wants to help.

The new class would be a subclass of SWKey and would be the new default
key for lexicons. OLKey (Original Language Key).

SWKey  -+
        |- OLKey

The key will allow lookups/output based on at least: a) strongs number;
b) transliterated greek/hebrew word; c) diacritic encoded greek/hebrew
word; d) symbol encoded greek/hebrew word.

Lookup mode would switch automatically depending upon input.

Output mode would default to Lookup mode or else set programmatically.

First rev will support 2 modes: Strongs# and transliterated

Work that needs to be done:

	A text file of the format Strongs#|transliterated
	Maybe this could be generated from our current lexicons.

	A new lexicon module that includes a list of words translated from the
current entry.  This might also be generated somehow from some of our
current works, I think.  English first, then other modules for other
languages in the future.

	C++ subclass of SWKey
		2 static arrays of greek and hebrew strongs #s (I don't want to assume
strongs number offsets for each word)


		2 static arrays of greek and hebrew transliterated words with offsets
common with their strongs array.


		This may seem redundant, but we need this to support other languages
in the future.

		A modes array pointing to each mode array above:

	[strongs array] (either greek or hebrew depending upon what kind of key
we are.
	[transliterated word array]

		Parsing logic to lookup from any mode and set the current entry of
this key to the correct offset.
		Display logic to display from the correct mode.

Any takers?  Any comments (need I ask)?