[sword-devel] Doctrinal Statement

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Fri, 28 Jul 2000 21:00:28 GMT

Michael Paul Johnson writes:
> It is interesting to me that people draw boundaries around their kind of
> Christianity based on intellectual agreement with a set of doctrines, but
> God looks for people who put their faith in Jesus Christ, believing in
> their hearts and saying that they do.

When the doctrines revolve around the identity of Jesus, and his actions,
then this seems a good place to differentiate sound doctrine from heresy.

Mormons claim faith in Jesus, but just dig a little, into their doctrines,
and you discover that it is not the Jesus represented in scripture.

> This is a good idea. Note that I have developed a habit of digitally
> signing  and dating releases of the World English Bible using MD5SUM and
> PGP. It would be a good practice to do this with other Bible texts, as
> well, once we come to a reasonably high confidence in the integrity of
> each text.

I noticed this recently when I downloaded the latest WEB, and would like to
thank you for this.  It is especially important to do since there is no
reliable printed copy to compare to.  It gives me the assurance of a valid

Also, thanks for your efforts on the work on the WEB in general!

   Darwin Gregory

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