[sword-devel] Doctrinal Statement

Brandon Staggs sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 21:52:15 -1000

Wow. What a series of postings.

I still think 2Co chap. 6 is relevant to this discussion. Now obviously,
since GCC, Delphi, the various controls and libraries, whatever, are not
coded by Christians, it is impossible to use tools only designed by
Christians for a work such as Sword (or my own Bible software SwordSearcher
and Power BibleCD). HOWEVER, if a Taoist, Roman Catholic, Bahai, etc, wanted
to be a PART of the Sword team and work with the team to devlop it for the
purpose of edifying the saints, accepting them would simply be against clear
scriptural teachings. (Unless Sword is indeed NOT a work for the Lord.)

If someone preaches that Christ is not God, or worships idols, or teaches
that Christ's death was not sufficient for the sins of those who would
believe on him, then you would NOT let them up on your stage at church to
preach, OR to sing in the choir, would you? Read 2Co 6! It would be against
clear Scripture.

For me, the basic tenants (and Calvinism is NOT one of them!) of
Christianity must be followed by anyone I fellowship with on a spiritual

As to the distributions of non-Christian texts, if it is done in such a way
that they are easily compared against the Truth, then it is ultimatly
benificial, since people reading it will get the truth. That's how I look at
that. But if Sword were to work just fine with the Koran as the only text
loaded into it, then your work for the Lord has just been turned into a work
for the Deciever.

-Desiring to see Sword flourish...
 Brandon Staggs