[sword-devel] Re: Problems running BibleTime 0.3

Paul Gear sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 05:40:04 +1000

Joachim Ansorg wrote:
> Hi again!
> My second mail ;-)
> I deleted my config files and noticed that the bug does occur then. Looks
> like a critical bug which does only appear if you start BibleTime 0.3 for the
> first time (I havn't tested this before releasing 0.3).
> I hope I found the bug. I attached the patch, apply it with
> cd <topdir bibletime sources>  # e.g. cd /usr/src/bibletime-0.3/
> patch -p0 -i cgroupmanager.cpp.patch


> Now type make && make install and run BibleTime again!

Making, please stand by...

Make OK, gets past that function.  Now i get a dialog box with:

> HTML page bibletime/first_startup.html not found!
> Please check the follwing points: permissions of $KDEDIR/share/apps/bibletime 
> and subdirecries, installation of files

I doesn't seem to affect anything, just looks ugly.  Does KDE require
applications to be installed in the KDE directory?  Grrr! :-(  You
should be looking in ${prefix}/share/apps/bibletime, not
$KDEDIR/share/apps/bibletime.  (BTW, first_startup.html doesn't exist in
that directory anyway.)

Everything starts up now, and i clicked on BBE, and got this:
> CGroupManager::viewportMousePressEvent
> CGroupManager::viewportMousePressEvent: open/close group (using single click)
> CGroupManager::viewportMouseReleaseEvent
> checking
> CGroupManager::viewportMousePressEvent
> CGroupManager::viewportMouseReleaseEvent
> checking
> now emit createPresenter for module
> module is NOT encrypted
> BBE (1965 Bible in Basic English)
> BBE (1965 Bible in Basic English)
> initConnections
> CMDIARea::childEvent
> CMDIARea::childEvent
> CMDIARea::childEvent
> CBiblePresenter::initToolBar()
> Genesis 1:1
> CBiblePresenter::lookup(Genesis 1:1)
> key is Genesis 1:1
> bibletime: KCrash: crashing.... crashRecursionCounter = 2
> bibletime: KCrash: Appname = 0x812f448 apppath = (nil)
> bibletime: Unable to start dr. konqi

The same thing happens with ASV, Byz (which doesn't have Gen 1:1 :-),
DRA, Darby, etc.  What have i done wrong now?

> BTW, the CToolClass function does return something, but it's in two "if"
> -clauses, that's why the compiler thinks nothing is returned. But maybe
> nothing is returned.

The point is that there is nothing returned outside those if clauses, so
if they are not executed, there is no return value.  That's what
'control reaches end of non-void function' means.

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