[sword-devel] export and import Personal Commentaries

geoffrey W Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 22 Jul 2000 08:49:14 -0700

It would be nice to be able to easily export and impoty a set or part of
a set of a personal commentary.  To be able to email or copy to floppy
and be able to install it on another machine already running Sword.

I have made a couple of new sets for myself. A personal Commentary to add
my own notes to with my initials on the tab and then a tab for each
member in my family. I have aslo set  up commentaries for class notes.
This  way I can easily find the notes and keep them seperate. 

I also have a computor at work that I am working on my notes at lunch
time. I haven't figured out a way to transfer a set of commentaries from
one computor to the other.

I am running Win 98 Sword ver 1.4.7

Geoff  Hastings

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