[sword-devel] Back Home! / MAC

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 14 Jul 2000 11:43:51 +0000

Hi Troy! 

Really great things you experienced!
Welcome at home!
I noticed your MAC hack, I had to change the system stuff to intel in 
Makefile.cfg, but this is a very minor problem.

Is it possible to receive a SWORD CD so I can burn it for others in Germany 
(and maybe Europe) ? I'd be glad to have an original one. Martin Gruner (very 
good source of help with BibleTime!) wants to burn them, too. If I could 
receive on I'll sedn a copy to hime.

Is it possible? I hope it's not annoying for you.

Is there a binary GnomeSWORD on the CD ? I can't compile it (I have this 
stupid GCC 2.95.2 ;-).

BTW, what is OSX? Is it a unix for macs ?


> Yeah!  I'm home finally.
> BorCon was cool.  Kylix stuff looks promising, but not everything I
> expected.

> They had a few Macintosh G4's running a prerelease of OSX in the lab
> (they were showing off JBuilder running on a MAC).  Supposedly OSX will
> go to pubic beta next month.  I was impressed with all they've done
> actually.  You can open a tcsh and move around just like you were on a
> real unix box.  They had gcc and many of the gnu libraries available.  I
> spent an afternoon and managed to get our code to compile on a MAC!  CVS
> was on the boxes, so I have committed my updates.  You will see a new
> option, macosx, in Makefile.cfg.  This should be sufficient to get the
> code to compile on OSX.  The command line tools that I tried seemed to
> work well.  Now we just need someone with 'COCO' experience to write a
> frontend.
> CD's are done and almost gone.  I believe I still have enough to fulfill
> the backlog of orders.  I'll have them keep feeding me a supply so we'll
> always have some onhand.  God's hand was blatantly evident in the
> completion of the CD.  3 Weeks ago, Monday, was the absolute deadline
> for the CD if I still was to get them in time for C-Stone.  There was
> way too much to finish to pollish the installers and such that I knew I
> could never do it.  I just asked God to provide somehow.  The preceeding
> Thursday I was up until 5am working on the CD.  Friday was spent
> preparing a laptop for my 3 week trip and then after work, spending time
> on the CD.  My flight left for New York Friday night (actually Sat
> morning) at 12:30am.  I believe I finished the CD at about 10:00pm and
> began the download process from the server.  Got the image around
> 11:00pm before I was leaving for New York and started the burn process.
> Got the final image onto a physical CD around 11:30, got home at 12:00
> where my friend, Eric, had been waiting to take me to the airport.
> Packed in about 45 seconds and sped hastily to catch my flight :)  Well,
> got there just after the flight had left.  boooo.  Went to the ticket
> counter and they told me that they could put me on standby for the next
> flight at 6:30am but it was oversold and there wasn't much of a chance
> I'd get on.  Now remember, I have to fedex this CD Saturday for Monday
> delivery to CA.  If I'm on a plane all day (I lose 3 hours to New York),
> I might've had toubles.  Just then, discouraged, I look up and lo and
> behold, an old friend of mine is working behind the counter at the
> airport.  He comes over to the lady helping me and says, "You have to
> take care of this guy."  Well, she managed to get me on a flight out
> immediately on another airline with only 1 stop (instead of 2) and I got
> to New York 1 1/2 hours before I was supposed to be there!!!  wooohoooo.
> Ok, now the plane ride...  I had my laptop and decided that it might be
> a good thing if I actually tried the CD before I sent it out and had
> 1000 copies made :)  Well, I found bugs.  So, my flight consisted of
> debugging the setup and installmgr process on linux and burning a copy
> at my 1 hour layover in Dallas for a man I sat next to on the plane that
> was really interested in what we do.
> When I got to NY, the hotel messed up my room and I had to wait until
> 3pm to checkin, so having some 'free time' and the assurance of the
> receptionist that fedex came at 8pm, I decided to investigate the
> business center at the hotel.  Well, it turns out that they had full
> high speed internet access and I realized that I had completely
> forgotten to include the GnomeSword stuff on the CD!  So, anyway, I
> spent 2 hours adding the GnomeSword stuff to the CD, the Linux install,
> and updating the swordbase.tar.gz module.  When I went back to checkin,
> I reconfirmed that fedex would, indeed be by later so that I might have
> time to go up to my room, burn a new CD and drop it off.  The mail
> center desk said that they had ALREADY COME and that they only come on
> Saturdays if you call them (which they did for another guest).  I
> explained my emergency and they said they would do what they could to
> coerce them to return.  I went up to my room and began the burn
> process.  They called and said that fedex would be there sometime
> between 4 and 7pm.  It was 3:30 and I was just starting the burn.  It
> finished at about 4:05, I went down and dropped the CD off at the desk.
> Apparently a shift change had taken place at the message counter.  A new
> person at the desk informed me that FedEx was just by and that I had
> missed them.  Frantically explaining my situation to the new person, I
> asked if anything could be done.  They said they would do what they
> could and they managed to get FedEx to come out a 3rd time to the
> hotel!  weeee.  :)  CD finally got to Cali on Monday and I got them sent
> to me in Nashville on Friday.  It amazes me the turn around time these
> places can get on these CD orders.
> Anyway.  They came out pretty good.  After work on Monday I'll post all
> of my intransit hacks to the server so that others might download the
> 'final' CD image.  Glory to God!
> 	In Him,
> 		-Troy.