[sword-devel] quick update from the road

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 07 Jul 2000 20:38:44 +0000

This have been fun!  Got to see New York for the first time.  That was
interesting.  God has really, obviously, been showing his power, so
thank you to all who have been praying.  I'll go into detail when I get
back, but basically, it was nothing short of a miracle that I got to NY,
got the CD to the printers and got things mailed back to me on the road
in time for cornerstone.

Some more exciting things:

We've passed over 500 CDs out here at the festival.  It's going over
pretty good.  Gave Glen Kaiser a stack.  He just smiled and said.  "You
probably wouldn't have guessed it, but me and the guy that does C-Stone
magazine are Linux-heads".  He was all into the project.  I would bet
JPUSA will be promoting us.

Had a long talk with Mike Cochran from Wycliffe.  They have been wanting
to opensource alot of what they do and he wants us to get together in
Dallas and have our teams collaborate.  He wants 2 things.  a) to use
what is appropriate of our stuff; b) for us to give their team the
rundown on how to run an opensource project.

Gave a few CDs to Rand Miller (the co-founder of Cyan, and co-writer of
Myst and Riven)  We really need a mac port. :)  They are doing a new
Myst called realMyst.  It's the original game done with a 3d rendering
engine line unReal.

Jay Baker was really into our stuff.

Saw a bunch of cool bands like:
Larry Norman
Third Day

I'm staying with Marc Byrd from Common Children.  He's here playing with
The Choir.  There's a new praise and worship album that he worked on
coming out called City on a Hill (August).  It's really awesome!  Ton's
of cool bands collaborated on it.  Check out their site:


I'll write more later.  BorCon starts Sunday.  Back to civilization!

Check out the fest at: