[sword-devel] Re: Copyright and STRONGS

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 06 Jul 2000 19:18:55 -0700

At 10:12 PM 7/5/2000 -1000, Brandon Staggs wrote:
>I obtained personal approval of Ernie Stefanik for the use of the PNTC, JFB,
>and a couple other texts HE did the digitizing on for use in projects I am
>involved with. Yet Larry Peirce claimes that the JFB is property of the
>Online Bible, and therefor I must get permission from HIM to use it -- and
>pay royalties that benifit NPOs if his choice. No -- wrong.

I have also exchanged email with Ernie Stefanik and received files from 
him. About two years ago (I think) he told me he had communicated with 
Larry and it seemed that Larry was going to stop claiming the files were 
his. Is Larry still claiming they are his?

The files now on BF that are Ernie's work were upload to us by Ernie. 
Likewise, the files that are Mark Fuller's work were uploaded to us by Mark.

Some of the scanning for Mark was done on Bible Foundation's scanner. Back 
when Mark was doing, Webster, Darby, and Young's he spent evenings, 
weekends, and holidays working on the texts. The thought that someone else 
would claim rights to the work I know he did is very offensive. Mark did 
them as a gift to The Church not one member.

And there is Maurice Robinson. He may not remember me, but he and Mark and 
I had an email discussion on this topic. Maurice did not start out a 
supporter of the PD, but came around to it. He has since admitted that the 
Greek texts he did are PD and supports that.

Both, Mark and Ernie have told me that commentaries are edited by Larry to 
make them more doctrinally correct. So if one does extract right from an 
OLB disk you don't know if the text you get is true to the original or not. 
Not just water marked but doctrinally changed. If you want unedited files 
get them from the real sources not an OLB disk.

Jerry Hastings