[sword-devel] Copyright, profiteering, and the Great Commission

The Computer Doctor sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 13:52:35 -0400

Thank you Michael for putting our focus back where it belongs, on Jesus and
the work/path that He has called us to.  God has called each and everyone of
us to different places and people.

John 21:19-22
This He spoke, signifying by what death he would glorify God. And when He
had spoken this, He said to him, "Follow Me." Then Peter, turning around,
saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following, who also had leaned on His
breast at the supper, and said, "Lord, who is the one who betrays You?"
Peter, seeing him, said to Jesus, "But Lord, what [about] this man?" Jesus
said to him, "If I will that he remain till I come, what [is that] to you?
You follow Me."

We are to follow what God has called us to do and not to condemb our
brothers and sisters in Christ.  We have not heard what God has spoken to
them, nor have we experienced what they have in life.

Daniel Blake

> Thank you, Bob, Chris, Brandon, et al., for your comments.
> There is a tension, here, and I see support in the Scripture for part of
> the arguments of all viewpoints recently expressed. It is obvious to me
> that this has great importance, because it affects the way we conduct
> ourselves as Christians writing Bible study software. At the risk of
> offending everyone, please allow me to suggest that there is a middle
> ground that some of you may not have noticed.
> First of all, let's remind ourselves of two commandments of Jesus Christ
> that overrule any commandment of men:
> 1. We are to love one another. We love God, we love our brothers and
> in Christ, and we love the lost. If we get this straight, all the rest of
> God's commandments follow easily.
> 2. We are to make disciples of all nations. A disciple is one who studies
> and learns about God to know Him better and to serve Him. Naturally, the
> Word of God may be spoken, written on paper with ink, and written in
> electronic form. Just as the invention of the printing press caused a
> quantum leap in Bible distribution possible, so computer technology has
> made another quantum leap in Bible distribution possible. We are all
> unified in our desire to take advantage of this additional opportunity to
> spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!