[sword-devel] John Gill

Brandon Staggs sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 5 Jul 2000 22:17:43 -1000

> I was wondering -- how did you find this out, and where can I go to have a
> good reference for this?  I'm not trying to be combatitive; I just want to
> check my sources before I use this datum as evidence in a discussion. =)

The translation process of the NIV was sponsored by the IBS. It's in the

The NIV is actually copyrighted by the IBS, not Zondarvan. The IBS is a
"non-profit" organization which funded the translation project of the NIV
(simply read the preface). They get money from Churches (and now also from
royalties). Zondarvan is simply the secular company which has the rights to
publication and licensing of the NIV.

> Also, people have noted that the royalty money is not only being used to
> pay the original translators, but is being used to pay for translations
> into other languages which will not be as profitable.  What do you
> think?

I think this is clearly the case. However, what is happining here is that
instead of relying on faithful offerings from Christians, they are asserting
OWNERSHIP of a text which they claim to be God's word in order to extort
money for their ministry. A text which has been paid for by now most
certainly -- so the excuse that translators must be paid is simply untrue.

And the ends do NOT justify the means.

I say extort, because every time you want to purchase a copy of the NIV,
printed or electronic, you pay the royalty again and again.

Bottom line is, I don't need their permission to quote more than "1000
verses" if it truely is God's word, right?