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Thu, 6 Jul 2000 00:58:42 -0500

Brother, your comment may have been meant in jest, but it has much weight.
Considering, regardless what some would say about the laws of the land and
appearances and all that. The day is coming when spreading the Word of GOD
will be a criminal act. These ridiculous copyright laws and all that are
already laying the foundation for it. People try using the "appearance of
criminal acts" as an unwitting way to help Satan squelch the spread of the
Word and cause division in the church. What they don't realize is that we
that help in the Great Commission are already criminals and pirates in the
eyes of the heathen. By distributing the Word to third-world nations and
such, we are in defiance of THEIR laws and no amount of justification will
change that.. When following GOD's orders are considered a criminal act, I
am indeed a criminal, and I wear it like a badge of honor. These "copyright"
excuses of "protecting the Word from corruption" are only further proof that
these companies are amoral and care only for using GOD to further their
means; as opposed to the proper order of using their means to further GOD's
Will. We are commanded to follow GOD's law above and beyond any of man's
laws so their arguments and points moot themselves if they truly seek to
serve GOD.

May the peace of GOD be on you all.

In Christ Jesus,

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> Perhaps we should just move the crosswire box to co-lo at that site in
> "Sealand" that was featured on slashdot a while back.  They formed a
> data-haven for stuff that might be illegal elsewhere, such as cryto-stuff.
> We could be Bible/Christian literature pirates.  Arg, matey! :)
> --Chris Little