[sword-devel] John Gill

Brandon Staggs sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 4 Jul 2000 18:37:49 -1000

> I DO take exception with something I heard on the list unrelated
> to Bob - why is the world does Zondervan want $15,000 UP FRONT just to
> distribute the NIV, and pay royalties on top of that?  If anyone can
> that, I would appreciate it.  To me in my ignorance, that seems more
> monopolistic than anything.  Same with Lockman and NASB, etc.

Because they are in it for the money. Period.

This brings up a good point -- that most people miss. Most say "well, they
have to pay the translators..." NONSENSE. The NIV was FUNDED by DONATIONS by
CHURCHES when it was being done. The work was PAID FOR when it was DONE. The
rest is just icing. They aren't charging royalties for printing costs --
that's not what royalties are for. They are charging them for DOLLARS.

Now, most of you know that I don't even think the NIV is worth the paper it
is written on. But all of that aside, it is CLEAR that Zondervan is in it
for CASH MONEY, and nothing else.

If someone wants a modern "easy to read" translation they should use the
WEB -- but naturally since I believe the KJV is God's word in English, they
should just use that. :-) Some copies of it may say "Cum Privilgeo" but as a
matter or practice and practicality, it is not copyrighten -- meaning no one
is going to bother you about printing it, and you don't have to pay anyone
to use it. Unlike the NIV.