[sword-devel] John Gill

Trevor Jenkins sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 03 Jul 2000 10:51:34 +0100

> ...  But works in the public domain really shouldn't, not even after
> they're SGML formatted or proof-read.

I've not been involved in the production of PD text but I was involved in
the production of SGML itself (member of the British and International
committees). I have been involved in many SGML based projects. It is clear
to me that Chris has no concept of just how much work is involved in
creating "SGML formatted" products nor of how much effort is required to
"proof read" such products.

> You ask whether we would expect to pay for a book printed on paper.  Yes,
> we would, but electronic books are infinitely reproducible at zero cost.

You forget the development costs. That you choose to work on Open Source
projects donating your time does not mean that every should.

> I must, myself, take exception to your statement that SWORD "is nowhere
> near the strenth of the commercial competitors."  IMO, SWORD is bar-none
> the best Bible software for doing what it does, which is key-based
> lookups and searches.  The only three commercial products with which I am
> familiar (Online Bible, PC Study Bible, and Logos) all have fairly
> horrible interfaces for lookups and searches.

If you were to talk to Bible translators and theologians you'd find that
they don't use Windows based products. They consider Accordance to be the
best Bible research tools available.

Regards, Trevor

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