[sword-devel] Important! Texts from DeutscheBibelgesellschaft, please help!

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> At 08:23 1/26/2000 +1000, Paul Gear wrote:
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> >However i think that we should be concentrating on free before commercial, then supporting commercial if it is feasible, then working as hard as we can to make the free _better_ than the commercial.
> Amen.

I agree on that. But I believe you have a special situation in english speaking countries. There are wonderful
new translations beeing developed which you can get free. We don't have this in Germany. Using the old Lutheran and
Elberfelder translations is a pain if you are used to the revised ones. There are some more texts (a hebrew as well) that are
owned (whatever that means) by the Bibelgesellschaft. I don't know but think there might be quiet a few people who will
benefit from those texts.

I agreed with Troy that we take what we can get (not to the expense of changing the format of the texts though).
We hope that this will develop a key for other publishers to agree selling/giving SWORD modules of their texts.
I don't want to argue about whether it's right to take money for God's word or not because I have to
little knowledge and understanding of the situation. But I believe because of some texts the SWORD project
can become even more attractive to groups of people (bible students who need one specific text?).

But in the end I agree, our main focus is free software and free texts.

Let me tell you it is wonderful to work in such a project with such a group of people!
I'm excited!

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