[sword-devel] Important! Texts from Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, please help!

TimO sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 11:53:10 -0700

Daniel Blake wrote:
> The thought I have about this topic goes straight to the objective of the
> SWORD project.  Even if you could make operating system dependant modules
[Some Snippage]
> My final thought is, that if the publishers won't let SWORD use "their"
> texts without a large hassle then stick with the public domain texts that
> are available, so that the SWORD project continues to produce quality bible
> study material without legal strings attached.
> God bless you all
> Daniel Blake
I have some thoughts on this also.  In the general case I have to agree
with Daniel:  Sword development should focus on creating an awe inspiring
and stable front end for use with free texts first; and if a proprietary
software developer says to go ahead and use their texts, Cool!  THEN create
a module!  I don't feel the end user should be empowered to
circumvent(steal) the licensing regulations of commercial applications.

For those commercial apps for which we cannot garner open access to; try
and come to a workaround.  Perhaps one way to do this is by not making the
modules open.  The Sword project could maybe sell these modules for
distribution with the company's regular program ie. the user buys their
product and the interface module for use with Sword is included.  I say
sell because it would be nice to have some income for the Sword project and
the product owner would hopefully be agreeable to this because it
effectively broadens their user base and doesn't create a directly
competing (and free) product using their own texts.
Problems I foresee with this are:

A.  Only active developers have access to the module source.  This can
    sometimes be a hindrance to development in an environment that is
    open by default.

B.  The API between the module(s) and the front-end would have to remain
    stable for the most part.  It would be disastrous for someone to 
    purchase a CD only to find that it doesn't work with the current ver-
    sion of Sword.  This could possibly be circumvented with some sort
    of 'upgrade' method for registered users in the event that the API
    just 'has' to change.

C.  Modules would have to be included which work on all Linux/GNU and
    Windows supported platforms.  Major focus should only be variances
    between libc5 and libc6 since nothing is being done at the hardware
    level.  Windows versions shouldn't create a problem.

D.  Vendors would have to change their packaging to indicate that support
    for Sword/version is included.  Not a major roadblock, but some ven-
    dors can be stubborn about change.

In the case of Bibelgesellschaft where we can use the texts for Linux/GNU
but not for Windows, perhaps we can come to a workaround via a simple key. 
I'm presuming here that the texts are encrypted(I don't know).  There could
be a single key included with Sword/Linux which could unlock the text for
Linux which is available for download or whatever; and a separate key for
Windows included with their proprietary product.  This would avoid the
problem of competing with a free front-end which is basically using their
own product.

Just my $.02 worth.
-- Tim
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