Subject: [sword-devel] Abnormal Program Termination

Aaron Smith
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 06:03:51 -0800 (PST)

I agree with Jim.  I remember when I first saw the site, I thought it was
odd. It definetly should be more BRIGHTER.
I too Would be happy to be a part of this.

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From: James Gross <>
To: <>
Date: 25 January 2000 04:02
Subject: [sword-devel] Abnormal Program Termination

>Good day, all.
>I have been having a problem with two modules that I downloaded for my
>computer.  I receive an "Abnormal Program Termination" message when I had
>loaded both the file and the file.  I load these
>by themselves, so I know that it is not a conflict between the two modules
>waiting to be "registered" with Sword.  Has anyone else had this problem?
>"fixed" the problem by opening up the Wesley file and then extracting the
> file and manually unzipping the .conf, .vss, etc. files.  I
>unzipped them to the appropriate folders under c:\Program Files\CrossWire\.
>I have yet to play with manually unzipping the file for ISBE.
>Also, who is in charge of the website's navigation?  I was trying to
>interest my wife in the site and the great work that is going on with the
>Sword Project.  She observed that the site would be too complicated for her
>to use easily.  Since she is a novice web surfer, and she thinks that it is
>too confusing, I wondered if there were others who would be turned off by
>the site's complexity (or lack of intuitive flow, as my wife said).  Are
>there any plans in the future to restructure the site's navigational
>I believe that if the site were easier to navigate and a little bit
>"brighter", it would make novices (and others) more likely to visit the
>and allow them to have a better experience.  Then, maybe, they would
>recommend the site to others, and they would recommend it to others, and
>then we will have sparked a revolution, and ......  You get the idea.
>Anyway, that is just my 2 cents worth.  I am willing to help redesign the
>site's navigation, if a redesign is deemed important enough by the others.
>BTW, I love the use of ModDisp.jsp and the "Click here to download if..."
>page.  It lends a very professional touch.  Is there a problem with
>downloading the ModDisp.jsp source code?  I can't seem to get it to
>at all.
>Your fellow servant in the work of the Lord,

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