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Sat, 22 Jan 2000 00:43:17 GMT

Joel Mawhorter wrote:

<snipped text about red letter technicalities>

> 1. Is it a valid thing to do? (I.e. is it right to imply more
> information in the text than was in the original?) 

I find it helpful in a "hard copy" Bible sometimes when searching for a
passage when I forget where it is to have red lettering, it helps me to
find context and remember what the page looked like.  For example, if one
were to forget where the sermon on the mount is, it eliminates any area
from their search where red isn't the promnent color.

As far as adding, I understand we have done that with much of the Bible
already by adding things punctuation.  I don't think that it is beyond the
scope of our freedom to add a color to indicate the source of the text.  I
do however understand the danger of placing more importance on some
passages than on others...

With that said, I avoid Red Letter editions as I find the red print is hard
to read (especially as I get older) because of the lack of contrast.  I
also wouldn't find it helpful in a computer Bible in the same way that I
have in the printed Word.

However, as with discussions concerning other issues, I would like to say
that if we as a group are willing to include the apocryphal books, we
should also include red letter editions, as they are definitely less

>2. Is it necessary? 

Not to me.


I think minimizing the number of text modules available is a good thing, so
I think if this is pursued it should be made into the standard versions,
with an user interface option, or better yet an API call to enable and
disable the display of red lettering.

But, now I will take things a step farther.  As a personal study aid, I
would actually like a mechanism for highlighting certain phrases or
passages to remind me of the things God has used in my life.  This would
enable me to highlight things as I do in my Bible, and enable the popular
"inductive" study method that is pretty popular in some circles.

Now that I have said enough to get some minds whirling, I will wait to see
what happens.

   Darwin Gregory

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