[sword-devel] Notice of export from http://cryptography.org

Paul Gear sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 22:17:11 +0000

Michael Paul Johnson wrote:

> At 11:30 1/21/2000 -0700, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> >Michael,
> >         Does this mean that I can include the source in the project tree by
> >default now?! :)
> Yes, IF you send a notice to crypt@bxa.doc.gov that you are doing so, with the URL, before you do so, AND if you post source code and not object code.
> The new rules don't make sense, but the loophole is so big now, for open source projects, that we can do ALMOST anything we want.
> The rules could change in 120 days to be more or less strict.

Yes - we need to keep in mind that it is only a trial, and that it could (and probably will) be different after the trial period is over.  To that end, i
would suggest that you don't integrate the code until after the trial period finishes.  Now that we have a legal means of export, we can put the files
there at crosswire, but if it is all cancelled at the end of the 120 days, then you've wasted effort by integrating now.

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