[sword-devel] Observations RE: Sword 1.4.6

Bill Caskey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 11:18:19 -0600

I've set up Sword 1.4.6 on Windows NT (work) and Windows 98 (home) to
familiarize myself with the program prior to setting it up with
BibleTime on my Linux box. Following are some things I've noted:

1.	Sword itself installs on both Windows NT and 98. None of the module
installs work on NT. Setup starts, the DOS window appears, and execution
aborts with no text printed in the window (so fast I can't see
anything). Then, the "install successful" dialog appears. I tried only
the KJV install on 98 and it appears to work fine. After figuring out
how to do manual installs on NT, I just installed everything manually on
98 as well. I installed AV, KJV, NKJV, NASB, MHC, RWP, BDB, Strongs,
Thayer, and Eastons.

2.	Sword (98) exploded to full-screen appears to conflict with the
Microsoft Office 97 shortcut bar. I have the bar set to autohide and it
stays hidden when Sword is running. Intermittently a shortcut box will
appear on the task bar.

3.	I used the Maximize icon to expand Sword to a full screen display.
Now, the Maximize/Restore icon will not restore the window to its former
size; I'm stuck in full-screen mode.

4.	I was preparing a Sunday School lesson and ended up searching for
Philippians 3:19. All text appears correctly except that for NKJV, which
appears as if the keycode has not been entered (now you know one of the
first mistakes I made on manual install). I haven't observed this
occurring with any other modules or specific verses (but I haven't
searched for all of them). (I also have a note about something with
Jonah 3:9 in AV. If I remember correctly, nothing appeared. I'm running
Linux right now and will check. I'll post another message if my memory

5.	A ghost box appears intermittently on the taskbar when I exit Sword.
The ghost box is empty and disappears when I click on it, but it is
located where the Sword box was while Sword was running. Haven't noticed
this with NT.

6.	There is no change in the appearance of the cursor while a search is
being done. Most Windows users will expect the cursor to change to an
hourglass to indicate the system is busy. This may confuse some less
savvy users.

7.	I can click in the text, commentary, and lexicon/dictionary windows
and get a blinking i-bar cursor. This visual signal indicated an
editable window, which these are not. May be confusing to some users.
I'm assuming these are either RichEdit or Memo controls. I'd recommend
either disabling the ability to receive the focus or write a got_focus
event handler to switch focus to the appropriate tab control.