[sword-devel] search idea

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Sat, 15 Jan 2000 17:33:50 GMT

Paul Gear writes:

> (Incidentally, Craig Rairdin warned me that bsisg.com might not last very long, so i took a copy of the site
> with GNU wget.  If anyone wants a look at it, i can provide it.  It's a 700 Kb tarball.)

I would be innterested in exploring STEP.  In fact, I was just getting
ready to ask here if anyone knew if the web site was  coming back.

Actually, what I would be more interested in is someone giving a relatively
unbiased rundown on strengths and weaknesses of each bible format.

I have no experience with text based methodologies, so I am just starting
to learn some of the concepts.  Are there any good web resources to use in
discovering the issues involved in text processing applications?

I am open to any knowledge that anyone can pass on.

   Darwin Gregory

   Creation is more scientifically valid than evolution!