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On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, you wrote:
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  PG > If file size is a problem, throw in a gzip in the file I/O part.  I understand zlib works pretty well
  PG > there, and bzip2 also has a library.  Far better to do that than to have a markup where you're not
  PG > sure whether '<bt>' means 'book title' or 'bibliography text'.  Long tag names take up more space, but
  PG > this can be overcome with compression, and the benefits for understandability are enormous.  (And if
  PG > you start complaining about too many keystrokes, i'll start talking about macros...  ;-)
  PG > 
  PG > Basing ThML on HTML has another big benefit: most editors already understand 75% of the tags.  This is
  PG > important if we are ever to get a large body of literature that is freely available.
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I can add that bzip2 compresses the sword modules very well but nothing works
on the encrypted modules both tar.bz2 and tar.gz create packages that are
somewhat larger than the originals.

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