[sword-devel] Project update

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 07 Jan 2000 19:08:41 -0700

Things have been progressing pretty fast here at CrossWire and I wanted
to thank all of you for your contributions and input.

The list that Daniel posted is, indeed, a good representation of things
that are currently in the works or on (or should be on) our todo lists.

We have hundreds of quality modules working for our library that
compiles on a number of architectures and environments, of which there
are a number of frontends available from Windows to Qt to ircbots to web
interfaces, and more to come-- all OpenSource and all (save certain
modules) free.  This has been my vision for the project, and for God to
let me see it come true is a blessing beyond measure.

So many people have actually been contributing tangible pieces to the
project that I have been overwhelmed by the task of administration.  For
some time now I've been trying to learn the art of 'delegation'.  I
suppose I like to have my hands in everything 'to make sure it is done
right' :)  Well, I've been doing a really _poor_ job working on _lots_
of things, and I would like this to change.  My apologies for: work
submitted, but not integrated, unanswered emails, commitments to
features never implemented, CDs not sent, API help not given, API
documentation deficiencies, and the list goes on.

I would love to get back to work, but am constantly feeling negligent
and discouraged because of obligations unmet.  What used to be fun is
slowly becoming a 'must do'-- a 'job'.

I've been thinking about how to resolve this, but don't have any novel
insights.  My best guess is that we need to have a better infrastructure
in place to facilitate each of you to contribute in the ways you wish.

Having said this, I see many of these items with different priorities
than I would have seen them a week ago.

> Web site and mailing lists
>         Bug tracker
>         CVS browser
>         automatic source snapshots
>         List of current projects and leaders
>         cvs notification list

          more specialized mailing lists
          more cvs repositories for each of you wishing
               to spearhead an effort

These are up there at the top.  Derek, your comments to Daniel's
suggestions give me the impression that you are experienced in putting
some of these things in place.  If so, let me know and I will get you
access to our server in a flash.  That goes for anyone else that is
experienced and would like to offer their time.

Thanks for listening to my heart on alot of things.  Writing this was
probably better for me, thinking thru things, than informative to you.


PS.  Didn't anyone else think it was cool that Bjarne Stroustrup wrote
us regarding our work on a non-proprietary property mechanism?!