[sword-devel] More Detailed Design of curses version of bible.

Trevor Jenkins sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 07 Jan 2000 10:49:48 +0000

On Friday, 7 January, 2000 07:21:17, Glenn Reed <g.reed@clear.net.nz> wrote:

> Prelimary Design Specification of NCurses Bible.

Some comments

> Also I would like to think of a better name than Ncurses bible.  But I can
> wait for that.

We've had the breeches bible, the adulterous bible, etc so why not a
(n)curses bible? It might upon a whole new avenue of evangelism. :-)

> Basic Bible functionality
> =========================
> * Implement bible with Ncurses functionality with colour and mouse support
> but none of these being essential requirements.

I like this. One of my uses for a ncurses version would be from the VT320
terminals connected to my Linux workstation.

> * At least two types of keyboard mappings handled by a configuration file.
> One for "at the computer" with Page Up and Page Down keys chosen as the
> default mapping.  One for telnet and perhaps using something similar to the
> wordstar key mappings or those used by the 'joe' editor.

Surely the most natural thing to do is rely upon the basic functionality of
ncurses to deal with key mappings. When using my VT320s I have o make sure
that TERM is set correctly (and also various stty options are set) otherwise
ncurses refuses to function at all.

What should be a user configurable option is the editor style to adopt. emas
is flavour of the month here. :-)

>  Perhaps using a
> key mappings file with settings something like:
> Page-Up  <ESC>[5~
> Page-Down <ESC>[6~
> Up-Arrow <ESC>[A
> Down-Arrow <ESC>[B
> and these can be changed by editing a text file or selecting another premade
> text file.

Surely all these are in the existing TERMINFO database? As can be seen from
that database the number of terminals is huge. One my Linux machine there's
already three to be considered: console, VT320, xconsole. My major
ncurses-based application (LifeLines) works correctly with the three
terminals provided that TERM and stty are correct.

> Anyway, what does everyone think?

Well you did ask.:-)

Regards, Trevor

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