[sword-devel] Suggestion

Paul Gear sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 05 Jan 2000 09:13:45 +0000

Joachim Ansorg wrote:

> Hi!
> One idea using the indexing engine in BibleTime: Why not popup a window
> informing the user that he needs an index? Or perhaps RM on a text and choose
> "Create index" ? I think this would be a good idea for a user.

That's what Logos does, therefore that is the right way.  :-)

Seriously though, the way it works on Logos is that every module has prebuilt
indexes, and they are merged into the global index when they are installed.
This seems to me to be a good way to do it.

"He must become greater; i must become less." - John 3:30

> >My experienced $0.02:
> >
> >> I would think that it would be far more costly to construct an inverted
> >> file than reading sequentially through a file, thereore imposing an
> >> incredible cost on the first query.  Is this an unfounded concern?
> >
> >Constructing the indexing files takes even more time than a simple
> >grep-style search does. I suppose if someone spent a lot of time optimizing
> >it it could get bearable, but for my software, I am quite glad that I take
> >care of the indexing on my PII-450/128mb RAM before I send it out. To give
> >an idea, it takes my indexer about 3 minutes to index a Bible text without
> >Strong's numbers. IMHO this would be an inacceptable amount of time for the
> >users "first impression" of searching with SWORD.
> >
> >-Brandon Staggs
> -- Joachim