[sword-devel] Introducing myself

Stephanie Hopkins sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 2 Jan 2000 22:49:07 -0600


I also recently joined the list and thought it appropriate to introduce
myself.  My name is Ulrik Petersen, and I am the one mentioned in Nicolai
Winther-Nielsen's reply to Jerry Hastings as reproduced in Mads Killerich's
recent e-mail.

I am currently working with Wycliffe Bible Translators (actually, their
academic sister-organisation, SIL International).  I am located in Dallas,
Texas where I am working on helping producing a database of the Greek New
Testament that is syntactically analyzed.  The database will be part of
SIL's "Bible-display-and-search" program, BART (short for Biblical Analysis
and Research Tool) which is aimed at Bible translators, scholars studying
the original languages, and seminary students.  My part of the project is to
be the architect for the database, to ask lots of linguistic questions to
people who have more grey matter than I have, to design and implement a
program that will help in actually building the database, and generally to
be helpful.

I am new to SWORD, and thus am not quite familiar with the goals and
objectives of the effort.  Therefore, I do not know whether I shall be able
to be of any help.  Specifically, I do not know whether my expertise in
syntactic databases of the original languages (both Greek and Hebrew) will
be of any help.  But if you have any questions, please feel free to ask
either on the list or off the list.

I am away from my Ulrik_Petersen@sil.org account right now, but can be
reached at shopiekins@netzero.com.

As Nicolai Winther-Nielsen indicated, I am involved in a project at the Free
University of Amsterdam that is producing a syntactically analyzed database
of the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament in Hebrew and Aramaic).  Please feel
free to ask about this or any other topic relating to syntactic databases of
the original languages.

In Christ,


Ulrik Petersen
Ulrik_Petersen@sil.org or shopiekins@netzero.com

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