[sword-devel] Introducing Myself

Glenn Reed sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 2 Jan 2000 16:12:10 +1300 (NZDT)


I am interested in joining the sword development team.  So I thought I ought
to offer some background information about me.

>From your web page TODO list it says that you are looking for someone to
head up a curses port.  Perhaps someone might be able to explain to me what
is expected here.  That does sound like something that I would be interested
in contributing to.

If you want to know anything about me personally.  Yes, I am a Christian. 
Attend a local church (Te Awamutu New Life) and believe in the inspired word
of God.  I am 34 years of age and work for Tim Brittain Computing.  A small
retailer in a small country town called Te Awamutu in New Zealand.  I work
as a technician there solving mainly hardware type problems.  I enjoy the
work.  Even though I am an experienced programmer I find the variety of
work, the interesting people that I meet, and the more relaxed friendly
country life more satisfying than working for a big corporate in order to
make a lot more money.  eg.  Money isn't everything.

However I don't get much opportunity to keep up my programming experience in
my job.  I am very fluent in C, and starting to pick up C++ from a book I
have purchased from the book shop.  At this point I have mainly used C++
(over C) for its superior string handling ability.  eg. The GNU String

I have written a program in a compiler basic for MS-DOS to help memorize
scriptures.  It works on a different principle to what I have seen anyone
else offering.  The concept revolves around dropping letters out of a
scripture to cause the reader to subconsciously fill in the gaps, painlessly
and without mind numbingly boring rote learning. 

For instance with Psalm 37:1 with 72% of the letters removed from the verse
it reads as follows.

[37:1] ({_ P_a_m} __ _____.) __ ___ f___ b__a___ o_ _____o___, B_ __t
e______ _ow___ w__ngd_ers.

It reads normally "A Psalm of David.  Do not fret because of evildoers, Be
not envious towards wrongdoers."

I am currently memorising off over 40 scriptures this way and each day I
read them only once.  By making the scripture only a little harder each time
reading the verse with letters missing is not difficult.

Anyway I would have written this for Linux using GNU C or C++ but I needed a
prototype first and I didn't realise that there were any bible search tools
available for Linux.  That is until I found your site.

Anyway, I hope you will let me be a part of your team.

In Christ,

Glenn Reed		Email: g.reed@clear.net.nz