DNS (was Re: [sword-devel] God's Word translation; domain names)

Rev. Chev. Alan J Munday, KT, OSL sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 03:19:39 +0000

I have not followed all of this discussion and so apologies if I have misunderstood the 
situation re this suggestion of registering a domain name for the project.

I understand that the registry for cx domains is supportive of producers of open source 
software to the extent that they are offering free registration etc..  A visit to their site at 
www.nic.cx might be worthwhile to follow this up.  I think this is a genuine offer as 
opposed to the many setups offering free domain names and having the cheek to go on to 
say that whilst they are not charging the register does.
-- Rev. Chev.  Alan J Munday, KT, OSL, almunday@minister.com on 02/29/2000 at