[sword-devel] sword32.dll

Jim McLaren sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 14:02:04 -0500

> What sort of ideas do you have for a different front end?  I have had
> some ideas of my own.  I am also a Delphi developer, with some C++
> experience.  Perhaps we could collaborate.
> -David Kahn

I didn't want to make a lot of fundamental changes.  I do have some goals in
mind which will drive the interface.

1. Be able to print.
2. Be able to display two different passages of scripture at the same time,
possibly including the commentaries for those sections.
3. Be able to display multiple versions of the same passage side by side.
4. Being able to choose which versions display, not necessarily showing all
versions all the time.
5. Same thing with commentaries.
6. Being able to show/hide dictionaries as desired.  Putting them on their
own tab would accomplish this.

I have a rough idea of an interface in mind.  I program in Delphi 2/3.  If
you have a newer version, I might be able to get it, but don't really have a
need for it.

I am having trouble getting the .dll to work properly.  When I try to load
the delphi components in Delphi 3 I get an error stating a device is not
functioning and the entire package refuses to load.  If I load them in
Delphi 2, I get no error messages but the VCL won't load and I have to
restore the backup.  If you have any ideas on how to fix this I would
appreciate it.

After looking at the Delphi components I think I will just have to bite the
bullet and learn C++ in order to get the current functionallity of the sword