[sword-devel] ThML drivers, diatheke update, & addvs utility

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 9 Dec 2000 22:55:01 -0800

I've spent the day dumping stuff & some fixes into CVS:

ThML drivers should work well now.  I'm not saying they're bug-free, but any
existing bugs are unknown to me.

Diatheke (my CLI front-end plus stuff that uses it) is now in the CVS tree,
located in apps/console/diatheke.  There are quite a few additions to the
basic command-line utility and the CGI that interfaces with it, most notably
support for ThML. :)  Actually, ThML is its default format, and everything
gets converted first to ThML, then to the desired output format.  The CGI
used for setting default Bible translation is also fixed since Gary Amirault
pointed out to me that it was broken.  Diatheke is also quite useful for
testing of modules & filters (e.g. "diatheke -b JFB Gen1:1 rtf" spits out
the RTF version of JFB's Gen 1:1).

addvs is a new tool (in the utility directory) that uses the Bible
translation/commentary writing interface to make new modules, one verse at a
time.  Running it without arguments should explain the syntax reasonably
well.  Basically it can take a verse either from a file or standard input
and add it to a module in a specified verse position.  It can link two
verses.  And it can create an empty module.  It might be somewhat useful for
doing minor maintenance on already existing modules, but in general it is
intended to be run from a script that knows how to read verses from a source
file and direct addvs to use them.  addvs is extremely slow to use (it has
to run 31,000 times for a typical module), but it's a very easy way to make
modules since writing a Perl script to feed it is relatively trivial.

Anyway, enjoy & report bugs.