[sword-devel] JFB (non-hrefcom version) & AKJV now available, CVS help requested

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 3 Dec 2000 10:43:09 -0800

> Didn't know there was a /pub/sword/raw/beta :)  But speaking of... Did
> the text for MHC Complete ever finish getting scanned?  I'm really
> looking forward to that one.  Especially after this compression code is
> working! :)

Yes, there is indeed.  I created it to keep certain files out of the regular
download pages because they need some proofing or (as is the case with MHC
Complete and the new JFB) depend on features not in the current public
release (namely ThML).  The JFB module should be pretty much complete.  The
MHC module is mostly finished.  On my end, there are a couple pieces of
unnecessary HTML still in the file to be ripped out.  On CCEL's end... Acts
through Revelation still need to be prepared.  As soon as they are, however,
it is trivial to add them to our module.

> You couldn't add files (
> $ cvs add mynewfile.cpp
> ) because you asked me to remove you from the writers list a few years
> back! :)  You're back in /usr/local/cvsroot/CVSROOT/passwd now.  Let me
> know if you have any troubles.

Ahh, okay, I remember that now.  That would explain a lot. :)

> PS.  The lexicon write stuff should work much better now.  I think
> there's still trouble when trying to delete the last entry in the file.

I mean to try this out today, but I'll have to find a fun LD text to use. :)