[sword-devel] JFB (non-hrefcom version) & AKJV now available, CVS help requested

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 2 Dec 2000 23:03:57 -0800

The RawCom version of JFB is now posted to the same location as the MHC
Complete was, namely ftp://ftp.crosswire.org/pub/sword/raw/beta/.  Does
anyone feel that this should be moved to the ALPHA site?  While they aren't
generally usable by our users since they're waiting for ThML support before
they can be useful, there aren't any legal difficulties with posting them,
as there were with most modules placed in the ALPHA site in the past.

The American King James Version is also posted for download in the regular

> How would you rate the the thmlrtf filter?

Having tested the thmlrtf filter out, I'd like to re-answer this question.

They are buggy but essentially functional and the main bug should be easy to

I wonder if anyone could step me through the process of submitting through
CVS.  I've done an update in the past, so I think I have permissions to do
so, but when I've tried to add files I get rejected.  Also, what's the
process for adding to the ChangeLog?  Is it just a text file that I would
add to the top of?  If so, how do I add log comments when submitting changes
to specific files?  (If there's a good tutorial for CVS, a link to that
would be fine, but everything I've read has been over my head.)

--Chris Little