[sword-devel] How to make new module

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 04:47:12 -0700

	Both tools now exist and work against the KJV module.  eg.

	mod2vpl KJV > yoyo
	mkdir kjv
	vpl2mod yoyo ./kjv/

This will create a verse per line (vpl) file called yoyo.
Then will use this file to product a new module in the ./kjv/ directory.

	Hope this helps,


Krištof Petr wrote:
> Hello Troy and others.
> I just obtained new translation of Bible.  Not exist in OLB or another
> format so I must make module from the scratch.
> Can you make public the exact step by step how to do it?
> What is the input format for some sword tools?
> I did make it to plain text, one verse per line, no headers or labels,
> but rawtxidx
> is unable to successfuly generate index files.
> What is the right way to make new module?
> Troy, you did never give qualified answer for this question
> if I remember correctly.
> Thanks
>             Petr
> --
> Nowhere to run.