[sword-devel] How to make new module

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 19:43:21 -0700


Well, ultimately, all you need to do is produce a .vss file for each
testament.  Split the old and new testament data files up into 'ot' and
'nt'.  The vss file consists of a series of 6 byte records: struct {
long offset; short size };  The offset is the start of the entry in the
data file, and the size is the length of the entry.  There is one record
for each canonical verse (see watchout below).

To make your life (and hopefully others') easier, I've produced a new
utility: sword/utilities/mod2vpl.cpp
This tool will export a verse module one verse per line (vpl).  I will
work on writing a vpl2mod.cpp to import this same format.  For now, you
can run this utility on an existing module and > output to a file.  Then
do a wc on this file and your file and be sure that there are the exact
same number of lines in both files.

A watchout:

SWORD facilitates Module, Book, Testament, and Chapter intros.  Thus,
you will need at least a blank line where these would occure.  You will
see this in the output for an existing module.  Most modules do not use
these.  MHC is an example that does use these.  To be safe, I would
output a basic module like KJV.  Hope this gets you started.  I will try
to finish the vpl2mod soon.


> Hello Troy and others.
> I just obtained new translation of Bible.  Not exist in OLB or another
> format so I must make module from the scratch.
> Can you make public the exact step by step how to do it?
> What is the input format for some sword tools?
> I did make it to plain text, one verse per line, no headers or labels,
> but rawtxidx
> is unable to successfuly generate index files.
> What is the right way to make new module?
> Troy, you did never give qualified answer for this question
> if I remember correctly.
> Thanks
>             Petr
> --
> Nowhere to run.