[sword-devel] Importan Issue: Crossreferences

Paul Gear sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 21:42:21 +1000

Joachim Ansorg wrote:
> ...
> IMHO this is a very important issue for SWORD and frontends like BibleTime.
> I have much requests from users of BibleTime that we should implement support
> for bible crossreferences.
> Basically we have it, but SWORD and BibleTime are missing two important
> things:
>         -A standard in modules how crossreferences should be formatted. At the
> moment every module uses it's one reference formats (GBF, RAW etc.). This is
> the most important issue. Otherwise we would have to add time wasting regexp
> mattching things etc. and every frontend has to implement it's own solutions.
> It's not good not to have a standard for crossreferences.
>         -A standard how the crossreferences should be formatted as HTML (generated
> by the GBFHTML and PLAINGHTML filters) and how they should look like in PLAIN
> formatted text etc.
> In BibleTime we use as a quick hack the following syntax (as an example):
> <A HREF="ref://Genesis 1:1">Reference to Genesis 1:1</A>
> Is there somewhere a crossreference standard on the internet? If yes, should
> we use it?

Use ThML - it's all worked out for you.

Use ThML.  Use ThML.  Use ThML.  Use ThML.  Use ThML.  Use ThML.  This
is not a recording.


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