[sword-devel] Problems with Locale

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 27 Aug 2000 14:43:16 +0000

Hi Troy!

> Joachim,
> 	Tried a lookup with
> test/parsekey Ps de
> It returns:
> Psalmen 1:1 - Psalmen 150:6
> Seems like it works correctly.

Yes. Looks like a bad problem of BibleTime 0.2x. It worked in earlier days. 
We use casts like this:

Versekey *key = new VerseKey();
*key = "Psalms 1:1";
QString keystr = (const char*)*key;

Maybe this is the problem?

If I disable the locale support in BibleTime 0.2x it works! Using a locale it 
can't resolve all abbrevs (not even the english standard ones).


> Alright.... How do I compile Bibletime CVS?  What do I need on my box?
> :)

You need a KDE2 prerelease (at least kdelibs) (I use CVSUP) and a Qt 
2.2.0beta (I use the CVSUP module qt-copy). Have a look at www.kde.org how to 
get the KDE sources using CVSUP. It's the best the get all the sources using 
CVS or CVSUP, you know why ;-)
But you can also use RPM packages or whatever.

After installing KDE2 get the sources of BibleTime 1.0CVS and compile them 
the traditional way (./configure ; make; make install). 

I hope you like our new features we added afdter 0.2x! A huge difference ;-)

Good luck!


> 	-Troy.