[sword-devel] VB Frontend for Sword

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 21:31:44 +0000


No flamewar, ok ?

> KDE is built on Qt, which is owned by Troll Tech (a company just slightly
> less evil than MS <g>).  Qt is free on *nix systems, but on Windows, it

Hey, Qt is an excellent toolkit ans very good for coding (very good structure 
etc.). KDE2 is cool, too.
See the other side: Trolltech makes this expensive available for free for 
Unix coers ;-)

> costs $1500 for the libraries so there probably won't every be any KDE
> libraries ported to Win32, hence no BibleTime.  Cheatah might be portable,
> and possibly GnomeSword since they're based on GTK+ and GNOME respectively
> (I think) and I know GTK+ is ported to Win32 enough to run the GIMP.  Then
> there's the wxWindows front end, which ought to be ready for compilation
> on Linux or Win32 since wx is crossplatform, but I've never had any luck
> w/ compiling the front end on Linux even. :)

Is somebody on this list billionaire? With some of his money we could buy 
Trolltech and port KDE ;-)

> It certainly would be nice if we could have a group developing for both
> *nix and Win32 simultaneously, because the Win32 front end doesn't seem to
> be luring users as much as it could be.

Why not wait until Kylix is out, it source compatible, isn't it ?

> --Chris Little
> On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Derek seipp wrote:
> > Forgive my ignorance, but the interface for the KDE version of Bible
> > time, which is apparently a front end to Sword, is VERY cool...
> >
> > My 2c  work on porting that interface to C or whatever for windows
> > based..
> >
> > Maybe this is not even possible though..